Enabling Mass Manufacturing and Research in Space

In Orbit is building the orbital infrastructure to create new and improved products in microgravity and deliver them back down to Earth


Using space to change life on Earth



Protein crystallization is important for determining the structure of proteins and developing pharmaceuticals. In microgravity, the lack of convection currents and gravitational disturbances allow larger protein crystals to grow, enabling the development of new life-saving medicines.



Advanced semiconductors are the backbone of the modern electronics industry, powering computers and electric vehicles. Multiple types of high purity crystals, including silicon and gallium-based, have been grown in space to produce superior electronic devices.


Fiber Optics

Optical fibers allow continents to communicate with each other and are used for high-power laser systems in medicine, spectroscopy, and manufacturing, amongst other uses. Certain types of optical fibers are produced in microgravity with a 10-100x higher performance than those produced terrestrially.


3D Bioprinting

Advancements in bioprinting have opened the door for new life-changing applications. Producing tissues, cellular structures, and organs in microgravity has the potential to service the enormous backlog of people needing transplants on Earth, and to support the future of humanity in space.


Metals & Plastics

The microgravity environment eliminates buoyancy, a gravity induced effect that separates fluids of different densities. The lack of buoyancy in microgravity allows for the creation of new alloys with unique properties for specialized applications that are unable to be produced terrestrially.


A seamless roundtrip service


Orbital platforms hosting your factories and labs

Whether you are an independent researcher working to make the next big discovery, or an enterprise looking to build at scale in microgravity, our platforms provide unmatched capabilities to support your mission.


Earth re-entry vehicles to safely return your products

Our re-entry vehicles harmonize with our orbital platforms to offer a seamless roundtrip service for your operations. Ride with us to your destination orbit, perform your mission, and get your products back for use on Earth.

"In Orbit is developing the necessary infrastructure to enable commercialization of space. Their unique approach will simplify operations for dozens, if not hundreds, of future space companies." - Chris Cassidy, former NASA astronaut


Ryan Elliott

Chief Executive Officer

Antonio Coelho

Chief Operating Officer

Ishaan Patel

Chief Technology Officer

Andreia Sales

Entry, Descent, & Landing Engineer

Anubhav Gupta

Guidance, Navigation, & Control Engineer

Haley Nix

Spacecraft Structures Engineer

Sam Hook

Mechanical Design Lead

Advisory Board

Christopher Cassidy

Former NASA Astronaut,
CEO, Medal of Honor Museum

Swami Iyer

Retired USAF Veteran,
Former President, Virgin Galactic

Anjali Gupta, PhD

Founder & CEO of a space biotech
Former Axiom Space & Pfizer

Brenton Smith, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO,
Nominal Systems

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